Eric Makowski,

President, CORE Health Foundation

"What I liked best about your work was the way you took the complex subject of brain plasticity and made it clear to the viewer without a watering-down of the science. You were able to distill a great deal of information into a concise, compelling and compassionate story that has helped CORE Health Foundation better define its research goals."



Teri Whitcraft, Senior Producer,

ABC News

"Seema is truly an extraordinary producer. She is experienced and savvy, intensely curious and passionate, a strong writer who ventures into places many producers fear to tread, and comes out with gold every time. She is also one of the most thoughtful, caring, and generous people I've ever met. I highly recommend Seema and Global Voice Productions."

Kyra Phillips, CNN Anchor

"Seema Mathur is one of the most creative, passionate and hard-working journalists I have ever known. She is motivated by the story and the people the story is about. She has a deep understanding of the world around her having travelled so extensively. She is truly a unique and talented reporter, writer, producer and human being."


GLOBAL VOICE PRODUCTIONS was founded by Seema Mathur in 2009 with the mission of sharing the voice of those who need to be heard. Her passion is story telling and her heart is vested in stories which can make a positive impact on our world. 

 Seema  is a multi-award winning journalist who has earned a National Edward R. Murrow, Lone Star Emmy, several Associated Press and medical journalism awards for her reporting on US national networks and local affiliates. She was selected as an International Reporting Fellow with Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Seema and her team bring 15+ years of experience coupled with a dedication to excellence to  each project. 

Community for Action

We believe it takes a village! Many of our philanthropic projects involve connecting needs to resources. 

Current Efforts:

Camp 72: Supporting education of survivors of war

Medical Missions: Coordinate international medical teams to provide care and training to those in need globally.

  • Documentary Filmmakers
  • Script Writing
  • Field Producers
  • On-Air Journalists
  • Video Editors
  • Audio Technicians